Promoting Canada's Capabilities in Clean Systems & Infrastructure

Showcasing Canada’s strength as a clean technology systems provider

Few countries deal with dramatic differences in climate like Canada. Our vast geography, the challenge of our urban, rural, and remote community distribution, and the breadth of our natural resources have led us to a broad perspective on infrastructure design and operation. Canadian expertise in clean technology comes from experience. We know how to design facilities, infrastructure, and energy systems under such varying conditions because we have to.

Canada is already the third largest exporter of engineering services in the world. But the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) knew that Canadian clean technology could help more countries and solve sustainable engineering challenges. They just needed to let the world know.

So we worked with DFAIT on a project titled “Promoting Canada’s Capabilities in Clean Systems and Infrastructure”. We gathered the knowledge of experts from all clean technology sub-sectors and created 14 primers, one for each sub-sector, and three webinars, all to help DFAIT trade commissioners spread the word of Canada’s engineering expertise.

The webinars introduced the project to DFAIT trade commissioners and the primers went into detail. Each primer gave an overview of a sub-sector, listed ways clean technology could improve the sub-sector, showed where Canada’s capabilities and strengths lay, and suggested who might benefit from Canada’s expertise. Now trade commissioners are prepared to let the world know how Canada’s successful engineers can meet their clean systems and infrastructure challenges.