Fact sheets and videos to help understand the importance of the management of contamination on DFO & Canadian Coast Guard Real Property

The Office of Environmental Coordination at Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) looked to develop six factsheets to inform employees on how to be environmentally responsible in the management of DFO and Canadian Coast Guard Real Property. This would help employees manage in a sustainable and financially responsible manner.  

Stantec subject matter experts and technical writers worked with Fisheries and Oceans Canada to develop the fact sheets featuring topics from property management to environmental risk management to property divestiture. Once the fact sheets were completed in English and French, our instructional designers worked with our Visual Design team to create a video to inform employees about the six fact sheets and why they were developed to help understand the importance of the management of contamination.

With DFO employees trained on environmental responsibility for contaminated sites, the better management of contamination will help improve our environment.