Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan Annual Report

Annual report writing and design that is open and accessible

Environment Canada wanted their FCSCAP Annual Report for 2009-2011 to be written differently than their previous reports. They wanted the report to be understood by everyone, to show the Canadian public what they had been working on during those two fiscal years. They wanted the report to have a human element, to be more than just facts and figures.

So our technical writers and graphic designers created an entirely new feel for the report, a style that fit Environment Canada’s vision. We took a case study from every province and territory in the country and wove them into the report. We also took data from 17 departments for comprehensive coverage of the government’s progress.

We did all of this because Environment Canada wanted Canadians to know how they are using their taxes to clean up contaminated sites, reduce the health risk to our communities, and reduce the financial burden the contaminated sites were putting on the federal budget.