Environmental Awareness Training Needs Assessment

A training needs assessment that identified the next steps toward environmental responsibility

Correctional Service Canada had environmental awareness programs, but the time came for them to take another look at how environmentally-friendly their operations were. They could have simply added more programs and been done with it, but they wanted to be precise and act on information and data.

So Correctional Service Canada asked us to conduct a training needs assessment. They wanted to know how environmentally aware their employees were and how they should focus their training efforts. They needed two assessments: one for general employees and one for employees more familiar with their environment programs. And they needed both assessments in both official languages, French and English.

Correctional Service Canada knew that for training to be effective, you need  it to address your organization’s actual needs and knowledge gaps. With the data from the online questionnaires and the summary report now available to them, Correctional Service Canada is able to ensure their training addresses  all aspects of environmental responsibility.