Environmental Management System Awareness Training

eLearning that is the starting point for EMS success

A town’s commitment to the environment doesn’t stop at creating an environmental management system (EMS). The Town of Richmond Hill needed to train its staff to follow its EMS because, after all, a system only works when it’s put into practice.

But how do you train the entire staff of a municipality on something as complex as an EMS? That was the challenge we helped address when we created an eLearning course for the Town of Richmond Hill called Environmental Management System Awareness Training.

eLearning was the best choice for this course because it’s easy to distribute and delivers the same message every time. The course introduced the EMS and everyone’s role in its success. It also showed learners where to find the documentation for details and encouraged them to think about the environmental impacts of their work.

We host the course on our learning management system so the Town of Richmond Hill can take advantage of its robust eLearning features. The Environmental Management System Awareness Training is an integral part of the success of the town’s EMS because, at the end of the day, the health of a town’s environment is the responsibility of its people.