Orientation to Health Information

Using eLearning to protect patient privacy

Region Waterloo Public Health needed to train their teams on how to handle and protect personal health information. They decided to train with eLearning so it could be distributed quickly and fit into everyone’s busy schedules, without compromising the quality of the training.

The training was a success! And now Region of Waterloo Public Health staff are better informed about the internal policies and procedures on the collection, use, retention, disclosure, and disposal of personal health information. 

But that’s not the end of the story. At a conference, Region of Waterloo Public Health presented their brand new eLearning course to their fellow health units. The privacy policies and procedures in the course are provincially legislated, so there was an opportunity for other health units to benefit from the course as well.

So far, four public health units have asked for customized versions of the Region of Waterloo Public Health’s course. The course that one health unit started is now helping to protect patient privacy across Ontario.