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Supplier Registration

Stantec is committed to doing business with companies of all sizes and backgrounds. Our Supplier Diversity Team focuses on working with diverse suppliers. If you are a small or diverse business seeking to do business with Stantec, please complete the form below to be added to our list or to update your company's Supplier Profile.


Stantec has implemented an accounts payable imaging and workflow solution whereby vendor invoices will be routed electronically for approval and workflow. This system change will reduce the lag time that is inherent in a manual paper-based process and will improve the efficiency with which transactions are processed.

We encourage you to support Stantec’s commitment to sustainability by submitting electronic invoices as a PDF attachment to an email and sending it to Electronic invoices can help reduce the costs and delays associated with printing, processing, mailing, and storing paper invoices. E-invoices will also enable you to deliver your invoices to us immediately, ensuring that they will be processed and approved in a timely manner.

Required Specifications
To accommodate our system the invoice must be submitted as an attachment to an email in either a PDF format. When submitting invoices via email please remember the following requirements:

  • Invoices must be sent in supported file formats, i.e., multi-page PDF.
  • Send only one invoice per attachment.
  • A single email message may have multiple attachments.
  • Email messages must be smaller than 10 megabytes (10485760 bytes).

If your billing system can output invoices in PDF format without printing first, it would be the preferred method. This should result in a high quality image of a smaller file size.

When scanning your paper invoices to create PDF file, please use our recommended scanner settings which balance quality and file size.

  • Resolution: 300 DPI
  • Color Depth: Black & White (1bit)
  • Exclude blank pages

Always consult your IT department to determine your system’s capabilities and before purchasing or downloading any software.

Visiting or can help you find inexpensive or free PDF converters.

Invoice Information Requirements
Your assistance is required for this process to be effective. When submitting invoices to Stantec please ensure that you clearly identify the following on your invoice:

  • The Stantec project and task numbers for which the services or goods were ordered. These may be displayed as the purchase order number if appropriate for your system. Please contact your Stantec project manager if you are unsure of the project and task number to use;


  • The "ship to" address or office ordering the services or goods and the full name of the Stantec employee who placed the order.

Electronic Payments
As a recipient of payments from Stantec, your organization may be able to take advantage of Stantec’s Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)/Automated Clearing House (ACH) program. Electronic payments are not subject to handling and mailing delays associated with paper checks. In addition, electronic payments are automatically and securely deposited into your organization’s designated bank account. They are sheltered from the risk of misrouting, theft, and/or forgery.  

If you would like to receive electronic payment, please select the appropriate form:

Completed forms should be sent via email to

Should you require further assistance, please send an email to