Learning & Development

Blended Learning

Looking for opportunities to grow and develop in your career? You’ll find them at Stantec. As one of our employees, you’ll be able to maintain and develop your skills, learn and adapt to change, and develop your career at every level with our support.

We’ve created a comprehensive talent management program that helps you grow and achieve success through a blended learning environment made up of both formal and informal methods. These methods include internal training courses; eLearning; attendance at conferences, seminars, and events; professional memberships; coaching and mentoring programs; and on-the-job learning.

Employee Experience
We consider the entire employee experience from onboarding to retirement. Our career development process starts with an extensive onboarding program that includes information about benefits and company systems, as well as training on values, ethics, health, safety, security, and the environment.

Career Development
We believe in putting people first. For us, this means an ongoing commitment to your career and personal development.

Use our career streams to help you define your career path based on your skills and preferences. Our project teams work on a mix of projects and with a broad range of clients. Within these teams and each career stream, you’ll have opportunities for on-the-job development, plus coaching and mentoring for personal and professional development. At the end of your career, you can transition to casual or part-time, focusing on specialized assignments that make the most of your expertise and passions.

While maintaining licenses and professional development is your responsibility, we’re committed to helping you successfully meet professional-designation, license-renewal requirements and promote the common goals and values within your profession. You’ll find many Stantec training courses and activities are eligible toward recertification requirements with professional licensing boards.

Performance Reviews
Our annual career development and performance review process helps you set clearly defined goals and objectives. Through assessments and reviews, and with assistance from supervisors, you can measure achievements, fine-tune individual contributions, identify career development and training opportunities, and establish strategic performance objectives.

Succession Planning
Our leaders participate in our succession planning program by identifying potential candidates and developing plans to prepare them for advanced roles and duties (e.g., our chief executive officer and board of directors work together on executive succession planning).

We use the eLearning platform to improve access to learning options. This platform helps us minimize our carbon footprint by reducing business travel. Though ELearning is the focus of our learning strategy, we recognize the benefit of live training and offer in-person courses, including supervisory and leadership, safety, and project management programs.

We also support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights, and provide full training in ethics and codes of conduct and on workplace issues such as harassment prevention and equal opportunity employment.

Coaching and Mentoring
Our coaching and mentoring opportunities provide you with guidance and support to reach your full potential. It’s a two-way relationship with both partners gaining significant benefits, both personally and professionally.

Tuition Assistance
Continuing education is a challenge for working professionals, but it’s an important part of furthering talents and knowledge. We support your efforts and dedication with a tuition-assistance program.

Innovation Inspires Learning
If you have creative ideas and want to develop your projects further, check out our Creativity and Innovation (C&I) program. We allocate more than $5 million annually to creativity, innovation, and research activities. Our programs allow us to prepare for future client needs and promote thought leadership—a key part of the value we bring to our projects, clients, and communities.

Global Opportunities
At Stantec, you have the opportunity to take part in global and collaborative work experiences across geographical and business lines, team up with talented thought leaders on projects around the world, and face challenges with teams outside of office boundaries.

Stantec was recognized for leadership excellence by the International HR.com Organization through their 2016 LEAD (Leadership Excellence and Development) Awards:

  • Best First Time Manager Program (#11)
  • Best Experienced Senior Leaders Program (#10)
  • Best Global/International Leadership Program (#17)