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A glimpse of the future – opportunities to manage surface water

August 15, 2020

Current View

By Chris Digman

In this Institute of Water Magazine article, Stantec’s Chris Digman shares how the response to Covid-19 can help us plan for an unpredictable future

As a water industry, we have historically thought about managing wastewater and stormwater in our future urban drainage systems in a traditional manner.

In recent years, we have seen the requirement to create more resilient water systems being driven by government and regulators. And now following the devastating economic effects of Covid-19 there are calls for an acceleration in green investment and greener, more sustainable outcomes.

So, what could this mean for managing surface water? asks Stantec’s Technical Director Professor Chris Digman.

Chris raises the question, should we not believe there is real potential to work with communities and recognise that they can be part of the solution to do something different on an individual and community level – even related to stormwater?

In this Institute of Water Magazine article, Chris reflects on the recent effects of and response to Covid-19 and the opportunities to encourage and enable change.

Chris has previously featured in an Institute of Water Magazine article alongside Stantec’s Technical Director Elliot Gill. Together they explore how collaborative research-led innovation can enable rapid and transformational change in the UK water industry. Read the full article here.

Article image courtesy of susdrain.

  • Chris Digman

    A recognised technical leader in urban drainage, Professor Chris Digman specialises in wastewater and stormwater management, sustainable drainage, flood risk management, pollution control and sewer solid movement.

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