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Analysis: Complexity and controversy cloud US permitting reform

June 21, 2023

Current View

The debt-ceiling deal made changes to the National Environmental Policy Act. Stantec’s Kathleen Riek talked to Environment Analyst about the reforms.

When US President Joe Biden signed the bipartisan debt-ceiling legislation, it included reforms to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and the permitting process associated with it. Some of the NEPA reforms contained in the Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2023 (FRA) were previous regulatory changes; others were new.

Among the important reforms, the FRA enshrined in law previous regulations designed to streamline and simplify NEPA documents There is a two-year limit on conducting Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) and a one-year limit for environmental assessment. EISs and environmental assessments have strict page limits.

Stantec’s Kathleen Riek discussed with Steve Gilmore of Environment Analyst what is currently known about these reforms and how the E&S sector is exploring what these changes mean.

  • Kathleen Riek

    As an experienced environmental program manager, Kathleen is responsible for environmental planning compliance with nearly every environmental law and regulation—for assessment, mitigation, monitoring, and permitting for various development projects.

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