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Pumped storage in the USA: A story of IPPs, PPAs, and regulated utilities

December 29, 2023

Current View

Stantec’s Mike Manwaring and Don Erpenbeck discuss pumped storage project plans in the United States with the International Journal on Hydropower & Dams

A large number of major planned pumped storage projects are at various stages of planning and development in the United States. Along with other developers and consultants, our experts Mike Manwaring and Don Erpenbeck discuss both the incentives and the remaining hurdles for new pumped storage schemes to move forward. They also outline the clear benefits that pumped storage projects will provide once developed, particularly in the view of the large volume of intermittent renewables coming online.

  • Donald  Erpenbeck

    Donald is vice president bringing more than 20 years of experience to our valued hydropower clients.

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  • Michael Manwaring

    As a regional lead for our Energy team, Michael has held important roles in the management of hydropower, water resources, and dam projects across Canada and the United States.

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