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What's the hype around machine learning and AI for flood mitigation?

March 25, 2024

By Jeff Albee

In this Water Online article, Jeff Albee explores how cities and counties can deploy new technologies to analyze and prepare for severe floods

Southern California’s recent severe floods are flashing a warning for local and state governments to reexamine their flood mitigation preparedness plans. The uncertainty and flooding risks from a more extreme weather future are driving some governmental bodies to deploy new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered technologies to analyze and prepare for similar events.

Understanding flood patterns is a key concern of state and local officials across the country, who depend on these projections for both emergency services planning and structural engineering purposes. During a major flood event like California’s, governments depend on their own preparations and predictions to lay the groundwork for their emergency response and hazard mitigation.

Read the full article in Water Online.

  • Jeff Albee

    Jeff supports science, engineering, and design technology advancements from the earliest research to the maintenance phase of Stantec’s digital products and projects.

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