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Countdown to International Women in Engineering Day

June 21, 2019

Only two days to go until International Women in Engineering Day #INWED19 #TransformTheFuture

Civil Project Engineer Vivienne Edwards says #TransformingTheFuture means as engineers, we can impact and shape our community, the places we life, work and play, and how we use those places and interact in those places.

“I never consciously chose a career in engineering, as I originally wanted to become a lawyer. Choosing a double degree in Engineering and Commerce was a last-minute decision, but I stuck it out and subsequently now love what I do.

“The best piece of advice I would give to women in the industry is make the most of every opportunity, even if it doesn’t fit in with your ‘life plan’ – the most rewarding parts of my career have been from opportunities that had nothing to do with my formal role. Also, find yourself a fantastic mentor, someone that is willing to champion you,” she said.

Vivienne describes her job as challenging, exciting and rewarding. She loves being able to shape and contribute to the community. In 2018 Vivienne was presented with the 2018 UDIA Women in Leadership Award where she was commended on her leadership, impressive career progression and commitment to mentoring other young professionals, particularly young women looking at creating their own path within the industry.

“Young employees, and women in particular, are the future Stantec and will be instrumental in driving innovation. It is essential that they get the guidance and support they need to succeed.”

Vivienne says she is surrounded by strong independent women, in particular her mother. “My mum taught me from a young age that I could be whatever I wanted to be, and that gender was never going to be a barrier. She achieved so much in her own career with such a high level of empathy and inclusion – definitely an amazing role model to have,” Vivienne said.

Together we can Transform the Future. Join us today on International Women in Engineering day, as we #TransformTheFuture and celebrate women in engineering.

Vivienne Edwards

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