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AI meets analogue: Harmonizing mock-ups with generative AI

May 31, 2024

By Brendan Mullins, Stephen Parker and Jon Sell

Our Stantec experts tell Healthcare Design how AI can enhance the traditional mock-up with significant benefits to the project partners

Hands-on collaboration is a key phase in developing designs for healthcare projects. Traditionally, this process involves gathering professionals and end users in a room with life-sized design elements—walls, desks, beds, etc.—crafted from cardboard and foam to see how participants interact with space. These mock-up sessions give health professionals a realistic feel of the layout, allow them to move around in spaces, and deliver feedback on design ideas in real time. It’s an invaluable and low-tech approach to designing for healthcare.

Read the full article in Healthcare Design.

  • Brendan Mullins

    Brendan is our design computing discipline leader. His expertise includes computational design, advanced visualization, artificial intelligence, and more.

    Contact Brendan
  • Stephen Parker

    Stephen is an architect, medical planner, and behavioral health subject matter expert. His focus on research, best practice development, and positive patient outcomes is helping advance Stantec’s global Behavioral Health team.

    Contact Stephen
  • Jon Sell

    A principal with over 25 years of experience in medical planning, Jon specializes in behavioral health, aiming to improve large-scale behavioral health spaces in the health sector.

    Contact Jon
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