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Denise Bunte Bisnett and Rachael Bisnett: A Family Tradition of Hydropower

April 16, 2021

Rachael Bisnett (Geotechnical engineer at Stantec) speaks with Hydro Leader Magazine

When Denise Bunte‑Bisnett began taking her daughter Rachael with her on dam visits, it planted a seed of interest that would inspire Rachael to pursue her own career in hydropower. Since then, mother and daughter have both grown their roles in the world of dams: Denise is now the president of the board of directors of the United States Society on Dams (USSD), and Rachael is now a geotechnical engineer for Stantec. In this interview, they tell Hydro Leader about how they became involved in hydropower, their experiences as women leaders in the industry, and the importance of inspiring and mentoring the next generation of hydropower professionals. 

Read the full article in Hydro Leader Magazine.

  • Rachael Bisnett

    Rachael leads dam modification projects with a focus on risk informed decision-making—as a geotechnical engineer with domestic and international hydroelectric project experience, she specializes in performing risk analyses to assess dam safety.

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