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Mastering the fundamentals: How one of our electrical designers began his career

June 18, 2021

Stantec’s Xavier St-Onge discusses essential practices as a developing professional with IEEE Industry Applications Magazine

Xavier St-Onge, an electrical designer at Stantec, weighs in on the importance of learning the fundamentals and the importance of networking at the beginning of your career. Xavier’s advice to developing professionals is mastering the first principles and fundamentals of engineering to help them in tackling technically challenged projects. Networking is also important because it has helped him to become engaged in exciting new projects and introduced to potential new clients. It has also helped him to grow professionally, engage in professional development activities, and meet like-minded professionals. He also discusses benefits of his involvement with IEEE Industry Applications Society (IAS).

Read the full article in IEEE Industry Applications Magazine.

This article, written by Nehad El-Sherif, was originally published as a Pathways column by the IEEE Industry Applications Society (IAS) in the May/June 2021 edition of IEEE Industry Applications Magazine

  • Xavier St-Onge

    Xavier focuses on protection and control, substation grounding analysis and design, and power quality. He applies these skills to the heavy industrial, utility, and renewable energy sectors, primarily on power system design and analysis projects.

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