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Helping a community in need get back on its feet

September 04, 2020

When a devastating storm passed through Cedar Rapids, Iowa, our team came together to raise funds for their community neighbors in need

Derecho may not be a common word, but it is now a term that will be remembered by our employees in the US North Central Region. A derecho is a line of intense, widespread, and fast-moving windstorms that can sometimes form thunderstorms. They typically move across a great distance and are characterized by damaging winds—one of these devastating storms recently hit Cedar Rapids, Iowa with winds reaching up to 100mph.

Nearly every home has sustained damage, many large trees have fallen making roads impassable, and most businesses have been impacted. Our community was in need.

It was time to come together like we recently had just a few months before with our Virtual Food Drives—a two week event where our US North Central employees raised funds that were topped up by Community Engagement to donate over $37,000 to various local food pantries in the region. Once again, given the need in Cedar Rapids, the regional leader had put a call into action for some Community Engagement funding to get help on the ground in Iowa right away.

To support our community in need, Stantec has donated $2,500 to Horizons Family program: Meals on Wheels. For 60 years, Horizons has provided opportunities to help improve the lives of individuals and families. Meals on Wheels is delivering extra meals and non-perishable foods to those affected by the storm passing through Cedar Rapids. Our Community Engagement dollars will help feed people still without power and in desperate need of food and water.

To learn more about the relief efforts taking place in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, you can visit Horizons, A Family Service Alliance.


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