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Helping the environment one tree at a time

May 18, 2022

Stantec employees are always getting together to help the communities they live and work – in Pittsburgh, it’s all about the environment

We hear about threats to the environment every day. This can be overwhelming and feel challenging, but Stantec employees are always getting together to do what they can out in their community to do riverside garbage picking, park and trail clean ups, and tree planting. In Pittsburgh, the team collaborated with Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy (PPC) to plant 64 trees at the beginning of the Greenleaf Trailhead in Emerald View Park.

Since 1996, PPC has raised more than $130 million and has completed 22 major improvement projects around the city. They are currently active in 22 of the city's 163 parks and has expanded into community and neighborhood parks throughout Pittsburgh. Through partnership with the government and the community, their mission is to improve quality of life for the people of Pittsburgh. Projects and programs are conducted with respect for the environment, historic design, and the needs of their diverse region.

Over the past few years, the PPC has applied for funding through Stantec and received an increase in funds each year to help protect and preserve their parks. In 2019, Stantec employees planted 16 trees and in 2020 they planted 25 trees.

“The site was a previous building demo dump site,” Sara Chodkowski, Designer in the Pittsburgh, PA office said. “We had to dig through bricks, concrete chunks, pipes, toilets—you name it, we dug through it—to plant the trees.”

In total, 18 employees showed up to help clear debris and plant trees.

Environment is one of our four pillars in Community Engagement. We focus on programs that promote sustainable development, environmental responsibility, energy efficiency, and air quality—along with those that address climate change. It’s great to see an environmentally important organization utilize the funds Stantec has allocated for community projects.

We love to see employees volunteering and working together to help our local communities. Learn more about Community Engagement and our employees at Stantec.

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