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In this together - Australia National Reconciliation Week 2020

May 29, 2020

We support the annual commemoration of our First Nations with National Reconciliation Week (NRW), honouring their histories and cultures

This year the impact of COVID-19 means NRW recognition will be unique, but we’re driven to continue our tribute during the week, 27 May to 3 June, and beyond. This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the reconciliation walk—people all over the country uniting to walk on the land together to show their respect for Australian unification.

The theme for 2020 is In this Together which fosters our First Nations desire for widespread acknowledgement of and honesty about Australia’s jagged colonial history.

Our staff recognise NRW as an opportunity for all Australians to unite in understanding the past to establish an awareness for modern Australia.

“Reconciliation of any kind and in any context is not the responsibility of any one person or group. Being Australian cannot be considered without acknowledging our entire history and that requires all of us to seek to understand, acknowledge and work together so that there is an appreciation and recognition of our past that helps to create an inclusive and proud nation that speaks to us all,” says Melbourne Office Manager, Principal Grant Holman.

As a leader, Grant believes education is vital to continue remembering the history of First Nations and to understand that is what makes Australia distinct as a nation.

“We must not lose our connection to our past and we must look to reframe how we create an inclusive future. Ignorance can be powerfully divisive, so we must continue to educate future generations to accelerate the reconciliation process and celebrate all that it is to be Australian,” Grant says.

Our employees work directly with First Nations by living in their communities with them. This helps to identify the safest outcomes for the locals and preserve the natural environment.

“Through our projects we’ve had the opportunity to work alongside several First Nations Owner Groups, camping out with them in some of the most remote and beautiful locations in the country. We work with them to achieve the best possible outcomes for the environment and the people that live out there. It’s a privilege to learn from them, and in turn, to share some of our knowledge of the environment and the importance of the work we do,” explains Senior Ecologist Alice Bott.

“By working on our relationships with First Nations and other Australians, we can close the gaps towards equality and equity. It’s important to recognise and respect the value of First Nations' heritage. After all, it is the oldest continuing culture in all of human history and there is so much to learn from it,” says Alice.

For more information on how you can participate and join us in honouring NRW visit Reconciliation Australia.

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