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Stantec's winter warmth: A blizzard of generosity thaws winter’s cold

March 13, 2024

Last month, employees donated over 3,000 pieces of winter clothing to local charities across North America during our Winter Wardrobe Campaign

In 2019, we started the North American Sock Campaign where, in January of each year, employees donate socks to those in need. Last year, employees from many of our regions engaged in the campaign that led to our biggest contribution since we started—with 7,186 pairs of socks donated to local charities!

A few of the donations collected for local charities.

This year, we stepped it up and reintroduced this initiative as the Winter Wardrobe Campaign where employees could donate more than socks—winter jackets, snowpants, sweaters, gloves, toques, beanies, socks, and more.

We started this campaign in the thick of winter, setting out to collect warm clothing for people in need and transforming the cold into an opportunity to ignite a flame of kindness.

The response melted our hearts. Rallying together across four of our North American regions—North Central, West, and Northeast in the United States, and Ontario in Canada—employees created a blizzard of coats, scarves, hats, and gloves by donating 3,008 items throughout the campaign.

Team members from the Rochelle Park office with the Director of Development, Oasis—A Haven for Women and Children.

Each of our four participating regions saw an additional $1,500 contributed to the local charities that received the most employee donations. These include the Abused Adult Resource Center in Bismarck, North Dakota; Interfaith Outreach & Community Partners in Plymouth, Minnesota; Treehouse for Kids in Seattle, Washington; St. Vincent De Paul in Phoenix, Arizona; The Wardrobe in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Thresholds Homes and Supports in Waterloo, Ontario; and Elgin Street Mission in Sudbury, Ontario.

Stantec's Winter Wardrobe Campaign proves that, in the coldest of seasons, the warmth generated by human kindness can be the most powerful force of all.

Learn more about Community Engagement at Stantec.

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