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Dollars For Doers: Cycling advocate completes 5-day bike ride to raise over $3,000 for local organization

August 07, 2019

Will Todd fundraises for a Los Angeles based organization dedicated to make all communities in LA County a safe and fun place to ride bikes

Will Todd, Project Manager and Architect in our Los Angeles office, is a member of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) and recently took part in a 5-day California Central Coast Ride hosted by Climate Ride. Through our community engagement program, Dollars for Doers, Will received a donation that helped jumpstart his fundraising for LACBC. “I feel it’s very important for the Company to give back to our communities and to support its employees in doing so,” Will said. “I was proud to tell everyone how my Company contributed!”

Will has participated in the LACBC’s training ride series the last couple of years. “One of the major focuses of the training rides are to prepare members of the Climate Ride Team for the event.” This year, he decided to take the leap and join in on the Climate Ride. So, what made Will choose LACBC to join and to fundraise for? Their mission is to advocate for a more sustainable, community oriented, bike-friendly future, which happens to align very well with Will’s personal and professional aspirations. “I’m a big fan of bicycling and believe that it’s more than just an athletic activity—it’s a way of life—and cycling in Los Angeles can be a challenging activity,” Will said. “Supporting the LACBC is a great way for me to contribute to my community and advocate for my own personal beliefs.”

The LACBC has been an extremely welcoming organization for Will—it’s a way for him to connect with other like-minded cyclists in the county. “It’s a great organization made up of individuals from all walks of life,” Will said. “In addition to getting some great exercise, I’ve been able to connect to a cycling community in LA that I had been missing for the first 10 years that I lived here.”

Fundraising for a sustainable organization that focuses on its community is something we encourage in Community Engagement. While training for the five-day bike ride, Will was able to raise $3,680 for the LACBC. And how was that five-day bike ride? “Life changing, and I mean that in the literal sense,” Will said. “Not only was it an escape from day-to-day life, it was very eye-opening and an introspective experience. Exhausting, rewarding, and oddly relaxing to ride down the most beautiful stretch of the Central California Coast with a group of friends on bikes.”

Although it is a means for raising money, fundraising is a great way to endorse the goals and mission of a charity or organization. Will has been a great ambassador for fundraising for his coalition, and we’re happy to support their initiative along with him.

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