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Economic trends examined in Stantec Water’s new financial benchmarking report

December 07, 2022

By Andrew BurnhamWilliam ZieburtzAmy BroughtonEmily LambertDeborah Kloeckner

Utilities are facing significant challenges that raise questions about the how they will continue to manage infrastructure investment in light of rising cost pressures. How are they responding to rising capital costs? How will the current trend of rising interest rates affect future borrowing? How are utility managers balancing their physical and financial responsibilities to provide affordable, clean, and reliable service?

To help answer these questions and better plan for future system and regulatory needs, Stantec’s Management & Technology Consulting sector has announced the availability of its 2022 Financial Trends in Water Report. Pulling facts and figures from its UtilitiWise database—information sourced from 10 years of audited financial results from 500+ public utilities—this report focuses on painting a more complete picture of the trends affecting utilities and helps managers develop a forward-looking approach to financial sustainability and stewardship. 

  • Andrew Burnham

    Andrew has led his team of water rate professionals in serving over 300 communities in the United States. He is extensively involved in developing guidance for utility managers and the utility rate industry.

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  • Deborah Kloeckner

    Deborah is a manager with our financial services team who is passionate about helping utilities across the United States provide quality water services to their customers.

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