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Recreating the largest Easter egg in the world out of cans

April 15, 2019

Alberta South employees put their heads together for a Canstruction competition—and came out on top

For years, we’ve been supporting Canstruction—a unique charity exhibition featuring structures made from canned food that are created by teams of volunteers from organizations around the globe. With over 30,000 people participating in competitions in over 170 cities, Canstruction has grown to be one of the largest boosts for food banks in the world. 

Last year, volunteers formed an Alberta South Stantec team to enter the Canstruction Citywide Competition. Tasked with the 2018 theme of “food,” the group was inspired by the Vegreville Pysanka (the largest Easter Egg structure in the world). They decided to take a crack at making a large egg structure—and later named it the STANT-Egg.

When shopping for the building materials of 10,037 canned items, the team kept an eye out for sizes and label colors to construct and design the structure. Each can was selected for a specific purpose, whether it was for stabilization or to create the colorful intricate design of the egg. 

The team successfully completed the work on March 15, 2018 at Southcentre Mall, Calgary— the STANT-Egg was one of more than 1,000 structures entered globally into the Canstruction competition in 2018. Attention to detail paid off as the STANT-Egg won first place internationally for the Best Use of Labels. The best part? Once the competition was over, we donated the cans to the Calgary Food Bank.

The completed STANT-Egg

Supporting organizations like Canstruction and charities like the Calgary Food Bank are essential to building and maintaining healthy, sustainable communities. Not only are we able to provide a substantial food donation, our talented employees get a hands-on experience in applying their knowledge and skills to something that has the power to help the world—that’s what Community Engagement is all about.

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