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Our 2023 North American sock campaign helps people in need

March 13, 2023

Giving over 7,000 pairs of socks to charities this winter—our biggest sock contribution yet

The most frequently requested item at a homeless shelter? Socks. But they are the least likely donated item. Perhaps because people donating old coats, coffee, or money forget about the very real need to keep feet warm and dry when a person is without a home.

Though it may appear to most of us to be a minor detail of everyday life, having a clean pair of socks is life-changing for people in need. Walking sometimes several miles per day regardless of the weather, people are left wearing socks that are worn, dirty, and damp—and that can lead to severe foot health issues like infections, functional limitations, frostbite, and more.

In 2019, we started the North American Sock Campaign just after the holiday season. With socks typically used as stocking stuffers in many households, it was the ideal opportunity to launch the initiative. Extra socks received over the holidays could be donated to a good cause. That first year saw 4,500 pairs of socks donated to charities throughout Canada and the United States.

This year, employees from many regions engaged in the campaign which led to our biggest contribution since we started the campaign—7,186 pairs of socks donated to local charities.

The top three regions who collected the most socks each received a prize of a $1,500 corporate donation to a charity of their choice. The Northeast region donated 3,165 pairs of socks and chose The Joy of Sox for their donation. Since 2010, the Joy of Sox has not only been donating socks to people experiencing homelessness across the United States but have expanded their donations to Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Uganda.

North Central donated 1,443 pairs of socks to organizations all over the region and chose Soldiers’ Angels for the monetary donation—our Military and Veteran Advocates Employee Resource Group (MAVA ERG) partnered with Soldiers’ Angels for their annual sock drive called Warm Feet for Warriors. Employees donated over 500 pairs of socks to Soldiers’ Angels alone which will be distributed to veterans in hospitals and included in care packages to deployed service members.

The Ontario region donated 923 pairs of socks and chose Thresholds Homes & Supports for their donation. Since 1980, Thresholds Homes & Supports has offered mental health and addiction services including supportive housing, crisis respite, individual support programs, and more.

Outside of these three well-deserved charities, employees donated socks to over 40 organizations in 17 states around the US and five provinces in Canada. It’s our privilege to give back to so many incredible organizations that strengthen communities and help individuals grow and gain confidence. 

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