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World Kindness Day 2021

November 22, 2021

Take the time to be deliberately kinder. In 2021, Stantec’s Developing Professional’s Group led the way by supporting online acts of kindness.

Bringing to life Stantec’s culture of appreciation, our Developing Professionals Group (DPG) came together as a global network around an appreciation campaign in celebration of World Kindness Day. First introduced in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement, World Kindness Day is an annual celebration observed on November 13. The mission? To inspire individuals towards greater kindness and to connect nations to create a kinder world.

In this progressively digital world, the DPG has supported World Kindness Day by encouraging its members and other Stantec colleagues to share digital high-fives. That could be sending an email, making a video call, or recognizing excellence on LinkedIn.

Elias Rashmawi (vice president, Urban & Brownfield Development) celebrated the impact of kindness by sharing a challenging personal story with our staff. He showed us how his Stantec community, our values, and the instances of kindness in his life have helped him and his wife deal with a difficult diagnosis.

As our president and CEO Gord Johnston said to the DPG, “The rippling effect of all your efforts are far-reaching, so keep it up! You’re the leaders of tomorrow, so as you build through your careers, I encourage you to maintain kindness in all that you do, for yourself and all those around you.”

Pieter van der Zwet (regional leader, Continental Europe), also took the time to recognize the continuing resilience that our teams have shown while working apart. “We had thought that we would be in control of Corona by now. That we would once again give each other a group hug and meet unhindered. How wonderful, then, is it to see us endure this ongoing adversity? Dear colleagues, you deserve recognition for your resilience, professionalism, and positivity.”

All around the world, Stantec team members took the time to be a little kinder to each other and to the people in their lives.

“At Stantec, one of our four key values is that we put people first. Engaging in World Kindness Day reminds us that no matter how busy or complex our work lives get, taking a few moments to show kindness and empathy is integral to our upbuilding culture. Stantec’s Developing Professionals Group is proud to lead this initiative,” said Gina Weaver (DPG lead, Canada)

Keeping connected is one of our industry’s pressing challenges, and making a point to spread a little kindness builds relationships and communities. The DPG plans to continue this annual World Kindness Day participation and continues to be active champions of our Stantec culture.

Visit the Developing Professionals Group (DPG) home page to learn more about how they’re improving the Stantec workplace. 

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