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Connect with us at the One Water Summit – Exploring Innovative and Sustainable Solutions

October 30, 2023

One Water. One Team. All of us in this Together. #OneWaterSummit

One Water Summit 2023
November 14-16, 2023
JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort, Tucson

The One Water Summit is the premier national conference focused on sustainable, integrated, and inclusive approaches to managing water and watersheds.

Our team is dedicated to exploring where water and innovation meet – where challenges and solutions intersect to ensure greater access to our most precious natural resource.

It is a privelege to be a Leaders Circle sponsor of this important event. Join us in Tucson to be a part of the important conversations, and learn how we are tackling the opportunities facing our sector:

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

1:30 PM – Futurist Dreams for One Water Transformation
Moderator: John Take

3:30 PM – Moving Forward with Water’s Net Zero: The Urgent Need to Eliminate Water’s GHG Emissions
Presenter: Art Umble

In January, we were #StantecProud to partner with the US Water Alliance to release the report: A Promising Water Pricing Model for Equity and Financial Resilience. This report is just one solution – an innovative model for pricing and billing water to achieve greater equity – on the road to making sure this critical resource is there for everyone in our communities.  

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