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Published in Airport World Magazine: Runway Shift

August 23, 2018

Our Johnathan Limb, Aviation Infrastructure Sector Leader for the Northwest, writes about a project in tiny Aniak, Alaska, to move the airport’s runway

Amajor project in Aniak—a remote village in Southwest Alaska—is shifting the runway at the community’s airport 260 feet to the south. Our Johnathan Limb writes about what’s involved in moving a 6,000-foot runway that’s vital to the community. In Aniak, like much of rural Alaska, no roads connect the village to neighboring villages—or the outside world. If people or products are coming into or leaving Aniak, most likely they are doing so via plane.

Read the Airport World article.

A Northern Air Cargo plane on the runway at Aniak Airport.

Approaching the runway at tiny Aniak, Alaska.

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