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Published in Engineering & Mining: Changing the Face of Mine Ventilation

June 19, 2019

Current View

By Kim Trapani

Advances in new tools for miners tackling the ever-increasing challenge of underground ventilation

Ventilation systems are the largest consumers of power in underground mines, accounting for upward of 50% of energy use. Saving on energy costs and ensuring personnel receive clean air where and when they need it is now a business imperative for mine operators, who are employing a new generation of smart digital technologies to monitor and optimize ventilation systems and ensure a safe working environment.

In this article from Engineering and Mining Journal, ventilation engineer Kim Trapani discusses technological advancements and the increasingly wide spread implementation of ventilation on demand.

  • Kim Trapani

    Passionate about finding sustainable solutions that reduce society’s impact on the environment, Kim is a ventilation engineer working with our team in Phoenix, Arizona.

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