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Published in International Mining: Bound for a Rebound

December 05, 2019

Current View

By Steve Rusk

It has been a tumultuous 12 months in the EPC and EPCM space, with project and sector-wide exits, plus handfuls of contract awards

With project development, design and engineering space in the middle of a “quiet period” (Australia iron ore and gold sectors aside), it’s hardly surprising that contractors and mining companies continue to re-examine the existing execution models mines tend to be built on. Mining companies with the financial means and intent to develop projects are aware they are on the right side of the deal table and are picking and choosing the elements that best suit them and the development of their future mines.

In this issue of International Mining, Mining vice president Steve Rusk discusses the evolving market of EPCM contracts and what the future is expected to bring. 

  • Steve Rusk

    With over 30 years of experience, Steve has worked on projects throughout every stage of a mines’ lifecycle, from exploration to closure. He believes that it’s important for our people to understand our clients’ business.

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