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Future-proofing the industry

October 13, 2020

Current View

Stantec mining experts speak with Mining Magazine about current challenges that are placing the industry at a crossroads

A viral social media photo from earlier this year read, “The question from 2015 none of us have gotten right: where do you see yourself five years from today?” Looking at 2020 thus far, this seems to be an enormous understatement. However, the changes that mining has seen recently are not all tied to the pandemic—rather that the spread of the virus has exacerbated pre-existing obstacles.

Stantec mining expert Resa Furey shares how Stantec is preparing for the future of the industry and what they believe will be driving the changes that lie ahead.

  • Resa Furey

    As our marketing and business development manager for global Mining, Resa works to promote our Company while keeping our clients’ goals in the forefront of all our work.

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