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Published in Environment Magazine: Building a resilient New Orleans

January 29, 2020

Current View

By Dan Grandal

Stantec’s Dan Grandal reports on how New Orleans is managing storm water whilst at the same time making the city more resilient to climate change

An increasing number of coastal cities are becoming all too familiar with flooding and the negative impacts associated with climate change. Changes in precipitation patterns have resulted in a significant impact to our low-lying, coastal communities. Building resilient, adaptive systems that account for both existing and future demands is a difficult challenge—the success of which is critical to the future of New Orleans.  

Resilience is often defined as the capacity to adapt to changing conditions and to maintain or recover functionality in the face of a given stress or disturbance. For New Orleans, resilience is built through improvements to the stormwater management and drainage systems, but also through addressing New Orleans’ social resilience.

Read the full article published by The Environment Magazine. 

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