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Published in International Mining: Reprocessing and Tailings Reduction

June 22, 2020

Current View

By Theo Gerritsen

Tailings dam liabilities and falling water resources are strengthening the case for reprocessing and retreating ‘waste’ sites or streams

With improved transparency around tailings dams and waste stockpiles now part and parcel of being a responsible mining company, investors and the wider mining world are becoming aware of the opportunities to clean up legacy operations, while, at the same time, generate extra revenue.

Global Tailings Practice Lead Theo Gerritsen provides his perspective on the strategies miners are evaluating for legacy tailings dams/waste stockpiles in their portfolios.

  • Theo Gerritsen

    Theo is responsible for leading and growing the Mine Waste and Tailings business in the Asia-Pacific region as well as providing senior technical support to the Tailings group globally.

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