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November 29, 2021

Current View

Steve Rusk shares with International Mining how the EPCM client/consultant relationship is evolving alongside advances in technology

Stantec’s Vice President of Mining, EPCM, Steve Rusk, discusses changes he’s seen in the EPCM space. There has been a slow shift in the client/consultant relationship. He notes the desire from both sides to take on more of a partnership approach, and describes the learning curve from initial partnerships to how the industry operates now.

Steve shares how Stantec engineers use virtual reality to connect with clients from around the world. Stantec's EPCM teams incorporated VR as a regular, everyday tool years ago. Steve said it's made the design review process more efficient, and it's easier to connect with non-technical audiences. 

  • Steve Rusk

    With over 30 years of experience, Steve has worked on projects throughout every stage of a mines’ lifecycle, from exploration to closure. He believes that it’s important for our people to understand our clients’ business.

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