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Not all carbon offsets are created equal

June 14, 2021

Jonathan Riggall and Francis Wiese explore investing in carbon offsetting tactics to make a difference in this Infrastructure Intelligence article

The carbon credit market is currently valued at over £300m a year and is growing fast, as many organisations include carbon offsets in their climate strategies. Navigating the voluntary offsets markets, however, is not easy, nor are all carbon offsets created equal. It is crucial to understand why, how and where we should invest to really make a difference. Due to the sheer volume of organisations and governments declaring carbon neutral or net zero carbon goals, there are emerging concerns in this space. 

Read full article in Infrastructure Intelligence.

  • Jonathan Riggall

    A climate strategy, pollution impact, and environmental expert, Jonathan specialises in working with investors to new sustainable technology delivery. He works in community development and renewable energy sectors.

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  • Dr. Francis Wiese
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