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Deeper mines are tantalizing but costly

March 29, 2022

Current View

Stantec’s Steve Rusk shares with Mining Magazine about safety and deep level mining

Decreasing ore grades mean miners might want to go deeper. Increased cost, labor shortages, and different safety considerations need to be addressed when planning to build a deeper mine. Stantec’s Steve Rusk outlines some of the intricacies of mining at depths below 1500 meters. 

“Just by going deeper, you have to be better at what you’re doing,” Rusk said. “The logistics have to be planned. Bad habits that survive in a shallower situation are not going to serve you well in a deep situation.”

  • Steve Rusk

    With over 30 years of experience, Steve has worked on projects throughout every stage of a mines’ lifecycle, from exploration to closure. He believes that it’s important for our people to understand our clients’ business.

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