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More Energy Independence in Indigenous Canada

April 12, 2022

Current View

By Peter Bright

Stantec’s Peter Bright discusses the success of the Gull Bay Microgrid Project with T&D World Magazine

For the Indigenous and remote communities left off the main electrical grids in outlying areas across Canada, finding reliable energy resources - that also are from clean renewable power - has been challenging. Diesel fuel has been one of the only off-the-grid energy sources for these communities, which tends to be expensive and bad for the environment.

With the help of fellow energy experts, Peter Bright (Regional sub-sector leader for solar) discusses the first fully-integrated solar energy microgrid storage system in one of Canada’s remote First Nations communities, Kiashke Zaaging Anishinaabek (KZA) in Gull Bay, Ontario. The system uses of solar power, battery storage, and grid technology to supply all of the community's energy needs during the day and has reduced their use of diesel by 30%.

Stantec provided engineering services and designed the solar farm array, collection system, and the tie-in to the battery energy storage and existing grid.

  • Peter Bright

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