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Stantec Idea Hackathon: Toward a Smart Tampa (Idea Book)

May 07, 2020

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In our second Idea Hackathon, competitors explored how technology can improve mobility in Tampa to ensure it is livable, equitable, and resilient

Stantec’s second Idea Hackathon gathered hackers, mentors, speakers, and judges over a two-day forum to share ideas, build relationships, and deliver results that are relevant and meaningful for the citizens of Tampa and beyond. 
10 teams competed to tackle the following challenge statement: How do we leverage technology to define and design a new mobility future that ensures Tampa is a livable, equitable, and resilient city?

Public health on mass transit, better engaging transportation users, and reducing congestion were just some of the issues the teams addressed through creative thinking.
Thank you to all of the speakers, mentors, judges, and participants—for your passion, your creativity, and your contribution to the Tampa community.

And a special thank-you to the Tampa Bay Lightning for partnering with us, and for their commitment to Tampa.

To learn more, visit the Tampa Idea Hackathon page. 

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