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Digital frontiers, reimagining science, engineering, and design

October 17, 2022

Group Leader Anna Bridgman and Digital Practice Leader Louisa Bloomer talk to Technical Futures about digital innovation and people diversity

The demand for creative digital solutions is increasing in traditional projects as well as new technology projects. Anna and Louisa talk to Technical Futures about the digital innovations and diversity of people at Stantec that's impacting how they work together and helping their clients achieve more.

Read the article or go straight to the podcast.

  • Anna Bridgman

    Anna is the New Zealand Operations Leader for our Water business and ensures it runs smoothly by delivering the best to our clients; she keeps her people happy, motivated, challenged, and equipped with the right resources to do the job.

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  • Louisa Bloomer

    As Digital Practice Leader across Asia Pacific Louisa helps our clients make smart decisions about where to invest, and how to maintain and get the most from their assets.

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