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October 26, 2022

Mark Johnston and Gus Sukkurwala discuss the benefits of engaging the public virtually – everyone gets a voice, not just the loud shouter in the back.

The new face of public engagement

In this episode, Gus Sukkurwala, Innovation Principal, and Mark Johnston, Director of Planning, talk about how, by seamlessly incorporating virtual engagement efforts into public consultation, project owners can gather more feedback from more people and enable smarter and more informed decision-making. 

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  • Gus Sukkurwala

    With a goal to commercialize innovative ideas for launch and growth, Gus strategizes with teams, providing leadership for innovative business opportunities (IBOs) as a senior principal in Stantec’s Innovation Office. He also leads the CataVAULT IBO.

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  • Mark Johnston

    Mark works on the delivery and development of planning and multidisciplinary services, especially for the planning and delivery of large-scale residential and commercial developments.

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  • Dave Roberts

    Dave is responsible for all aspects of IT within the Global region including transformational change, solution development and driving innovation with disruptive technologies.

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