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Get ahead of FEMA’s Future of Flood Risk Data Initiative

June 07, 2023

Hear from Stantec’s Susan Marlow, Katherine Osborne, and Brandy Little on FEMA’s Future of Flood Risk Data initiative, which places a large emphasis on probabilistic and two-dimensional modeling in support of Risk Rating 2.0.

Within this webinar, we discuss how agencies and companies can dramatically simplify their efforts when implementing these modeling techniques that require large compute and processing time.  

  • Susan Marlow

    As brand ambassador for, Susan helps build bridges between our data scientists and engineers and the needs of our clients. She is a leader in our Digital Services group and works on several digital projects across our service spectrum.

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  • Katherine Osborne

    Katherine advances innovative Digital Solutions. Her experience includes project management in watershed and river hydraulics and serving as a community engagement and risk communication lead focusing on flood risk and impacts.

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  • Brandy Little

    As a product manager for our Digital Solutions team, Brandy propels our core design practice into product development. She uses her talent for managing large data sets to develop and produce software applications.

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