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Giants of Design on Corporate Trends

September 23, 2021

Current View

Marc Adelman and Christopher Keller join a roundtable of experts to discuss the future of corporate design in 3-5 years for Interior Design magazine

In March 2020, many white-collar workers left their workplaces and set up shop at home. In April 2021, 72% were still working remotely, according to Gallup data. It’s July 2021 at time of publishing, and the latest statistics from an average of top 10 US metros show 68% have yet to return to the office, according to Kastle Systems’ weekly occupancy report.

The flurry of conversations around the “future of the workplace” has been dizzying at times. What’s next? What role does the physical office play in the ecosystem of “work”? For the better part of nearly a year and a half, there have been more questions than answers.

ThinkLab sat down with panelists from Interior Design Giants of Design to hear the stories behind the data and get their take on the future of the corporate sector. We wanted to know: What do they think will stick? What’s changed in their process? And how will all these factors impact the world of workplace design?

  • Marc Adelman

    Marc leads our Chicago workplace design studio as principal and Workplace market leader. He provides leadership for the interiors practice, overseeing its continued growth in the Midwest while collaborating with our global workplace design practice.

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  • Christopher Keller

    As a principal and design leader, Christopher is passionate about concept-based experiential design. He’s designed large-scale and high-end corporate, legal, residential, and hospitality projects.

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