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Integrating a BAS into design

December 30, 2020

Mechanical engineers Casimir Zalewski and Derek Crowe explore in Consulting-Specifying Engineer the positive impacts of building automation systems

Building automation systems are key to creating high-performing, integrated and accessible spaces. Engineers are experts at designing systems to meet a specific criterion, but the reality is that system capabilities far exceed one specific criterion.

In this peer reviewed article, Mechanical engineering principal Casimir Zalewski and mechanical team leader Derek Crowe share insights on how to:

  • Engage the owner, installers, and equipment representatives on what needs building controls and why.
  • Define the process on how to lay out a control system with key checkpoints.
  • Understand how to implement construction documents with clear requirements for the team.

Read the full article in Consulting-Specifying Engineer.


About the Authors

Casimir is a principal with over 20 years of experience in the planning, design, and optimization of mechanical systems that are reliable, efficient, and that fold into the building architecture.

As mechanical team leader, Derek is responsible for leading innovative and energy efficient mechanical system designs for buildings in the national higher education market through the collaboration of architects and engineers.

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