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Looking to launch Automated Vehicles in your community? We can help.

July 06, 2020

Current View

Stantec’s AV Deployment Playbook will help communities and facilities evaluate, launch, and operate this emerging technology.

Smart technologies can help communities increase mobility for their citizens and visitors by offering a safe, equitable, and environmentally friendly mode of transportation. They can also help facilities increase operational efficiencies and safety. Deploying Automated Vehicles (AVs) asks the public and facility managers to put their trust in something new – extensive planning, outreach, and a thorough understanding of the process are critical. Whether launching a pilot program or a large-scale deployment, there are necessary steps to success.

Stantec GenerationAV™ designed the AV Deployment Playbook to guide communities and facilities through this process – from exploring challenges and creating a vision to evaluating and integrating with existing infrastructure to monitoring a deployment. The technology is complex. Adopting it doesn’t have to be.

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