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What can Self-Driving Cars learn from Aviation?

April 15, 2021

Stantec GenerationAV™ Director Corey Clothier talks to Jerry Leekey and Joe Jones, founders of Icarus Ops, about how autonomous vehicle technology can benefit from aviation industry best practices.

Autonomous vehicle (AV) technology can provide tremendous safety and efficiency gains in transportation. Barriers to adoption include communication protocols, infrastructure standards, and liability considerations. The aviation industry has resolved similar issues over the years, leading to an impeccable safety record and high level of trust among passengers. Aviation offers many relevant best practices for autonomous vehicle deployments.

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  • Corey Clothier

    The future of mobility is Corey’s passion. A mobility strategist, Corey works to commercialize automated vehicle and other innovative approaches to improving mobility for our businesses, cities, governments, and industries.

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