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Prepare for the Unexpected: Don’t let a flood put you under water

January 29, 2024

Energy and mining operations are at risk when flooding events occur. Technological advancements can help you get ahead and make informed decisions.

With extreme weather impacting critical energy and mining infrastructure at a more rapid rate and with greater damaging effects, understanding potential flood hazards is increasingly important. Heavy rainfalls and resulting flooding can lead to project delays, costly repairs, and extreme damage to infrastructure and facilities. While traditional engineering methods provide a foundational understanding of this risk, the results are not timely enough for effective decision support.

Using Stantec’s Flood Predictor, we’ll demonstrate the power of machine learning tools and how they can deliver near real-time probabilistic and deterministic predictions for flooding. Providing data ahead of time allows for proactive actions to reduce the impact on a project site, and guides focus for building resiliency and hardening our energy and mining infrastructure, even when that infrastructure is in a remote or complex environment.

Watch now to learn

  • How machine learning tools can deliver near real-time probabilistic and deterministic predictions for flooding.
  • How we can address floodplain management problems at a fraction of the time of traditional engineering methods.
  • How others are using Flood Predictor to understand and predict future climate events to mitigate impacts to existing infrastructure and make smarter decisions for future investments.

Learn how machine learning can help the energy and resources industry predict future climate events, mitigate impacts to infrastructure, and make smarter investments.

  • Kim Hubbert

    Leading Stantec’s digital practice in Energy & Resources means that Kim finds the most efficient and effective ways to optimize our practice and integrate cutting-edge technology—whether that’s a big, transformative change or small improvements.

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  • Katherine Osborne

    Katherine advances innovative Digital Solutions. Her experience includes project management in watershed and river hydraulics and serving as a community engagement and risk communication lead focusing on flood risk and impacts.

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