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Living with Water in New Orleans

April 14, 2021

Civil + Structure Engineer profiles the Blue and Green Corridors Project, which takes a community-based approach to resilience

The “Living with Water” approach to resilience aims to lessen the burden on the City’s stormwater system by introducing green infrastructure practices and strategic storage solutions. By constructing vegetated systems that are capable of managing stormwater runoff, natural elements are used to increase resilience. Stormwater bumpouts and rain gardens are two pieces of green infrastructure that mimic the natural environment, slow stormwater runoff, and allow it to infiltrate back into the ground.

Complete Streets is also part of the community-focused project – streets that prioritize safety, comfort, and access for everyone who uses a street: walkers, runners, bikers, and vehicles. It all adds up to a holistic, community-based perspective on resilience.

Read the full article in the April 2021 issue of Civil + Structural Engineer.

  • Bernadette Callahan

    Bernadette is a senior water resources engineer, experienced in land development and green stormwater infrastructure design for almost two decades. She works to address the challenges and opportunities in sustainable urban water management.

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  • Dan Grandal

    Dan has been helping communities build their infrastructure for over 20 years.

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