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Stantec reflects on state of play in hydrogen infrastructure, production, and transportation

May 23, 2024

Current View

Stantec’s Michael Johnson, Nathan Ashcroft, and Steve McManamon were featured in the Climate Change Business Journal to explore the hydrogen industry

The latest issue of the Climate Change Business Journal focuses exclusively on hydrogen and its role in decarbonizing our energy infrastructure. The publication reached out to our experts Michael Johnson, Nathan Ashcroft, and Steve McManamon to explain how Stantec is approaching hydrogen. The article focuses on the energy transition and hydrogen infrastructure, production, and transportation—aka hydrogen pipelines.

Our team was asked several questions about the energy transition and the hydrogen industry. How is Stantec prioritizing decarbonization solutions within its overall business strategy? How has the clean energy market evolved over the past five years? What changes can we expect over the next couple of years? How do we view key advances hydrogen fueling infrastructure, hydrogen production, and hydrogen transportation? And more.

  • Michael Johnson

    A typical work week for Michael starts off with a morning swim and finishes with a family walk on Mount Tamalpais.

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  • Nathan Ashcroft

    As a strategic business developer, Nathan is always looking for ways to improve our ability to help our clients. That’s involved expanding our geographical business as well as researching new applications of existing products like bitumen.

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  • Steve McManamon

    As the US Energy sector leader for our Environmental Services business line, Steve’s job is to grow our oil and gas business throughout North America.

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