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Water analytics data helping the rise of smart utilities

February 09, 2022

Ari Shammay talks to AWA’s Water Source about data warehousing and how it’s helping water utilities move to more targeted, cost-effective solutions

"Being a smart utility used to be about integrating different systems—for instance, getting finance systems to talk to billing systems, and getting SCADA systems to talk to all systems—and it’s been quite an expensive thing to do," said Ari Shammay, Principal Process Engineer at Stantec Australia.

"Over the past five years, the water utility landscape has started moving into data warehousing. Regardless of the different systems that a water utility may have in place, those systems can provide a data feed to one big data warehouse allowing more to be done with Water data."

Read the full article at Australian Water Association.

  • Ari Shammay

    Ari, who has a PhD in sewer system odour control, is a specialist at using 'big data' to help make infrastructure systems run more smoothly.

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