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Published in Florida Water Resources Journal: Keys to Planning, Designing, and Permitting Resilient Coastal Restoration Projects

June 19, 2018

Current View

By Matthew Starr and Jeff Tabar, PE, D.CE

Matt Starr and Jeff Tabar discuss how using a well-defined plan of action and proactive approach to resiliency will help communities reduce coastal risk now and in the future

Coastal resiliency can have many different interpretations and applications, depending on the location and goals of all stakeholders involved. Cities and organizations should support and encourage forward-looking leadership, while understanding that resiliency takes time.

  • Matthew Starr

    A coastal engineer working along the Gulf of Mexico, Matt has dedicated his life and career to protecting coastlines through beach nourishment, dredging, stabilization, restoration, and other services.

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  • Jeff Tabar, PE, D.CE

    As a coastal and civil engineer, Jeff brings forth creative solutions to complex engineering problems every day.

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