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New bridge inspection techniques increase speed, efficiency, and safety

September 09, 2021

By Michael Marshall

In this story for Roads & Bridges Magazine, Michael Marshall shares tips for choosing the right bridge inspection technique

The technological advancements that we can now leverage across our architectural and engineering work—and bridge inspection specifically—is nothing short of astounding.

In the world of bridge inspection, we can now use drones and other technology to increase safety, improve data collection, and reduce delays to motorists. But just because we can, does that mean we should? Does every drone deployment result in cost savings and efficiency? And how do we reap the benefits of these new technologies while maintaining budgets? What follows are some key considerations that can and should affect decision making.

Read the full article in Roads & Bridges.

  • Michael Marshall

    A bridge engineer and certified Part 107 pilot for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), Michael’s a Bridge Inspection team lead and UAV practice lead—his team deploys UAVs to inspect areas of bridges inaccessible with conventional inspection methods.

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